Welcome. Casa Ostional is a vacation-rental property, situated near the beautiful Ostional National Refuge – home to the world famous Olive Ridley Green Turtle breeding grounds in Costa Rica. Please contact us at casaostional@yahoo.com View our availability calendar.

Photos. Enjoy some of the spectacular views of ‘Casa Ostional’ from our photo gallery:Click to view Gallery

Map. Ostional is located on the Nicoya peninsula in the Province of Guanacaste:

I would love to offer this amazing experience to guests from around the world. It is truly an unbelievable place to enjoy for all it has to offer or to do nothing at all.

Our Story. In January, 2005, we traveled to Costa Rica with no real plan or itinerary in mind. We landed at the airport in Liberia, rented an economy-sized 4X4, threw our duffle bags inside, and headed west towards the Pacific beaches of El Coco, Flamingo, Brazilito, and Ventanas...

...We were getting farther from civilization, into tiny villages with one school, one soccer field, and one church. As we pulled into one of these towns, a dot on the map called Ostional, we stumbled upon a sign that read, "Lora Hills" property sales.

Two years later, "Casa Ostional" was born from the lush jungle of teak, pochote, and palms protected by families of howler monkeys, dear, kotimundi, tropical birds, and Olive Ridley turtles.

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